Femme Fatale Gals: Green Zine

A hand crafted Zine filled with contributions from attendees of Green Hustle festival 2021.

We’re very pleased to share this community-sourced e-zine on the theme of “Green Dreams” with you, crafted by attendees at Green Hustle Festival on Saturday 5th June, under the watchful eye of master mag maker Khaya Job from Femme Fatale Gals.

Femme Fatale Gals zines come out annually and feature art, poetry and photography submissions from people all around the UK. They are an exploration into complex and deep themes such as purpose, love, identity and authenticity. They also have a brand new online course inspired by their beloved FFG workshops, which are all focused on self-development and empowerment, using techniques such as journaling, EFT and meditation.

Have a read of the zine on issu