Hustle Holt

A glance at the progress we've made on our pledge to plant 1000 trees.

At Hockley Hustle way back in 2019 we took donations in buckets from a lovely lot of festival
attendees, with the promise that we’d plant a tree for every £1 given. Now, we had checked to
see if that was possible beforehand, and it certainly is if you’re happy for them to be planted in a
far-flung country. But we wanted to plant the trees in Nottingham ideally and making that
happen for a pound a tree locally was a little trickier than we thought.

Thankfully we spoke to our friends at Sherwood People’s Forest campaign and they were able
to buy 1,000 tree whips (or saplings) for our £1,000 in donations. The catch? We had to help
plant them!

So we embarked upon an exciting mission to turn our tree into a “Miyawaki style mini-forest”,
Nottingham City Council offered us a plot on the beautiful Woodthorpe Grange Park for them to
go in, and the Hustle Holt was born.
These Miyawaki forests are an exciting development in tree planting in urban areas. The forest
will cover an area around the size of a tennis court, prepared with enriched and aerated soil.
1,000 mixed, native tree saplings are planted densely, the ground around their roots is mulched
and then they are kept watered and weed-free for the following two years whilst they establish
themselves. You can find out more about the concept and how it all works here.

You might have heard about our earlier plans to plant the Hustle Holt in March 2020, but
unfortunately some technical issues meant that we couldn’t prepare the site adequately before
the end of the spring planting season. St Ann’s Allotments kindly donated us a patch to home
the trees, where they’ve been happily growing and looking after each other all summer.

Now, with tree planting season coming around again, we’ve been busy getting the site ready to
plant the Hustle Holt. This involved moving some trees from an earlier planting to a safe place in
half of the site, and collecting wildflower seeds from the side of the site where the Hustle Holt
will be planted to save for sowing later (and to avoid them going into the ground that we want
kept weed-free).

Here’s a series of photos from our incredible volunteer days in September 2021 where the whole community got involved in that effort:

Since then, Nottingham City Council, led by the amazing Sandra Horner from the Parks and
Open Spaces team, have done a brilliant job of cultivating the side of the site where the Hustle
Holt will live, aerating and enriching the soil with chicken manure, and dropping off the mulch
that will be used to protect the new trees.


As of the 6th of September, the mulch has just arrived. The next steps now are the Nottingham City
Council to install a new, taller fence, to ensure that the public doesn’t come in and damage any
of the trees. They’ll also be installing a water butt that will be refilled so that during the warmer
months our team of local tree guardians can keep the trees nicely soaked and weeded until the
forest grows mature enough to look after itself. This should take about two years.

Come along and help us with the final planting on the 29th and 20th October, or help us out in
getting the trees to maturity over the next couple of years. We welcome community groups and
charities and are hoping to make the effort as diverse and inclusive as possible.