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What is Marine Pollution?

Did you know that our beautiful seas and oceans are in danger? Marine pollution is all that yucky stuff like oil, sewage, chemicals, and plastics that get into the water on purpose or by accident. And when these things get into the water, they can hurt marine animals and their homes.

The biggest culprit is PLASTIC! Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans. It's like our seas have become a big rubbish dump!

Let's make a promise to our ocean friends. We'll do our part to keep our oceans clean and beautiful by saying no to single-use plastics like straws, plastic bags, and water bottles.

What is ocean conservation?

Marine conservation is all about protecting the wonderful creatures that live in our seas and oceans.

When there aren’t very many of a certain type of animal left in the world because something is happening that makes it difficult for it to survive, that means it’s endangered or at risk from becoming extinct.

Our oceans being full of pollution means that marine creatures such as sea turtles and blue whales are endangered and need our help.

Motion for the ocean

Did you know that there are amazing people all around the world working to keep our oceans healthy? One of these groups is called the Ocean Conservation Trust, and they are on a mission to protect and restore important ocean habitats, by encouraging and inspiring more people to care about the ocean and keep it clean.

Through a campaign called 'Motion for the Ocean', they're asking local councils in the UK to declare that we need to take action to protect the ocean.

Even though we're in Nottingham and not right by the ocean, our rivers flow into the sea, taking pollution and plastic with it. So this means we can help, too! We want to encourage Nottingham City Council to become the FIRST landlocked area to declare a Motion for the Ocean! Let's show everyone that no matter where we live, we can all make a difference and help protect our amazing planet!

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