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OUTCOME (2023) brings students of UoN and NTU together, providing a platform for different disciplines from fine art, art history and visual culture: media, film, and television. The programme puts forward the ideas of coproduction and collaboration as tools for creative learning and pursuing a professional career in the arts.

This year we have focused on environmental responsibility in art, which is one of BACKLIT's main development areas. During the programme, the cohort attended development workshops and site visits and met local artists, curators, and collectives. Through this development, they learned about the realities of working in professional art settings. The programme's outcome is an exhibition, culminating in all the skills the students have acquired over the six-month programme. The exhibition considers the future relationship between nature and humanity and problematises different emotions and attitudes related to the environmental crisis.

The exhibition will take place at BACKLIT’s Project Gallery.

About this event

OUTCOME Exhibition
Fri 9, Sat 10 & Sun 11 Jun
12 - 5pm

OUTCOME Exhibition

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