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Queer Utopia Events and Zesty's Collective are coming together to bring you an arts workshop to imagine our queer future. Zesty’s Collective hosts a range of workshops, craft and social events for the LGBTQ+ community which hold queerness at heart. Utopia is a Queer Events House trying to bring a wide range of diverse queer events to Nottingham through nightlife, gigs, art workshops and more. Build a 3D model of the city out of simple foraged and recycled materials such as herbs, twine, card or stones and pay homage to spaces that have allowed us to come as our true selves, and imagine spaces to serve our community which are yet to exist.

About this event

Queerville - Arts and Crafts
The Carousel
Sun 4 Jun
1pm - 5pm
Queer Utopia Events and Zesty's Collective

Queerville - Arts and Crafts

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