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Skateboarding has awesome potential to contribute to a greener, healthier city - enabling easy, flexible and active travel across the city. However, skateboards themselves can be quite wasteful and high cost, with regular skaters going through several maple plywood decks every year - which often end up in landfill, despite being perfectly usable for less experienced or frequent skateboarders. Local artist Kate Mason @k8_the_frog has been developing a stencil and spray painting method to create tailored board artwork whilst Skate Nottingham regularly receives donations of used skateboard decks.

In this FREE session, aimed at 7 to 16 year olds and their families, together we'll strip down and clean up a range of used skate decks - and then Kate will work with you on your design ideas, using stencils, spray paints and marker pens, to customise a deck each - to take away and either hang on your wall or hit the streets. We'll be putting out a call for more donations of used/old skate decks over the next few weeks.

Prior to the session, at Nottingham's unique, landmark 'skateboard friendly' space, Tram Line Spot, at the foot of the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery, we'll do a clean up and litter pick of the spot. For extra goodies and giveaways, why not come down and help, have a skate and then get creative.

Funded by the Sport England small grant programme.

For info and updates, check out the Skate Nottingham website:
and Instagram: @skatenottingham

About this event

Skateboard Deck Recycling - Board Art and Stencil Workshop
Tram Line Spot
Sat 3 Jun
11am - 1pm
Skate Nottingham with artist Kate Mason

Skateboard Deck Recycling - Board Art and Stencil Workshop

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